1972 Vega Hot Rod Project

This Chevy Vega project comes to iCanFab from Virginia. The car was already tubbed out.  The engine that awaits this vehicle is a new JEGs 350 SBC. This will help keep this car affordable and able to run on pump gas. This would make a great starter car for any race enthusiast. The goal of this project is to have a hoot at the race track, lap after lap after lap.

Project Vega race car

Once iCanFab started this project we realized it was originally built incorrectly – everything need to come out – roll cage, frame, everything. We started from scratch with just the vega skin.

If the engineering of the chassis is not done correctly it will cause many issues at the race track. Race car safety is very important, and should be dealt with from the start of the build.

Chassis fabrication

These are updated photo of the new chassis, frame rails and rocker panels. Once all the bad stuff was taken out of this car – it took iCanFab two days to get it to this point.

Chassis fabrication

As you can see from these photos we had to deconstruct this entire car before we could get to a starting point. This is what it takes to build a race car properly that is safe and produces victory at the race track.

Chassis fabrication

Since this is such a small car – the rear axle will be a Ford 9″ with a small banjo.  Today they start narrowing the rear, and the grinding begins.

Chassis fabrication

Click here to view the finished Vega five months later.

P.S. This 72 Vega project car is now living in Reno and new owner is very happy.

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