All Aluminum 555 Big Block Camaro

This Camaro BUILD had already been started when it came to us. Once we had it on the JIG table we decided the changes that were needed, and it’s been full speed ahead.

Here are some snapshots of progress on this Camaro. Below shows the dry sump tank placement, radiator overflow tank, fuel tank with BG 400 pump and filter, the air pump breather, PLUS we made all lines and hoses.

Now we take it all apart and paint.


Below mocking up fuel system and fuel cell cage.


We mocked up this custom fuel cell cage. Very easy to remove for service when needed.



As seen in the air pan photo below, only fresh air will be force feeding the Aluminum 555 BIG BLOCK, with help from an F-1 Suncoast scoop.


From the opposite direction you can see the rear bulkhead of the air pan sealed tight so the twin Bo Laws Dominators can funnel all that clean air to the engine.


Below is the wing mock-up template, playing with spill plate shapes, parachute mount, narrowed rear fiberglass bumper.


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