These are high quality race ready cars, built for performance and reliability from the start.

What type of NEW Drag Racing Car are you looking for?   Need a  Pro Street Car, Bracket Car, or Street Outlaw we have something for everyone.

FOR SALE: 1977 Vega Wagon

  • TIG Welded Chrome Moly Chassis NHRA 6.0 Certification
  • Car weight = 2330 lbs (no driver, race ready)

Vega Outlaw for sale

FOR SALE: 1977 Vega Hatchback Radical Pro Street

  • 12-Point Roll Cage NHRA 8.50 Certification
  • Car weight = 2184 lbs. (no driver, race ready)

Radical Pro Street for sale

FOR SALE: 1992 Chevy Corvette Hardtop Convertible Pro Street.

  • Chrome Moly round tube 14-point cage NHRA 8.50 Certified

For sale

FOR SALE: 1933 Plymouth 5-Window Coupe Pro Street

  • Chris Alston’s Nostalgia Chassis A-ARM 4-link double frame rail round tube mild steel custom chassis, completely TIG welded with NHRA 8.50 Certification

33 coupe

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