Classic car restoration, rehab or metal fabrication, call it what you will . . . it’s all good.

This 1972 Chevy Vega has a great retro appeal – it looks like a mini Camaro. This car started with a decent metal body – but everything else had to go.

Building a reliable street outlaw type car like this demands a properly built chassis to take the muscle. Plus it must have room to grow, as the budget allows.  These photos are from the Super Chevy show in our area.

We took this car bracket racing during the season and had a hoot with an economical new JEG’s crated SBC 350 engine with a hot cam kit, and Powerglide transmission, simply because that is the current budget. This car was engineered to take any size SBC motor.

Bracket racing all day at Bristol Super Chevy Show

This Vega currently weighs in at 2,463 lbs. it is a 2×3 full chassis car with a 14-point roll cage. The car currently has a 8.50 NHRA chassis certification. The tech inspector comments were the car was built like a 7.50 car.

Currently the Vega has Mickey Thompson radial ET drag tires, but it can easily take slicks /14 wide tire.


The car has VFN fiberglass 4 1/2 cowl hood plus rear hatch, custom aluminum floors, steel tubs and firewall NHRA Legal. The interior door panels are custom beaded aluminum.

Chevy Vega making waves at Super Chevy

During this last drag racing season the Vega proved to be fun, reliable, and safe, time after time.

This gives the driver a tremendous peace of mind knowing they can run the car as needed. The reaction time below shows the result of letting the driver focus on driving. The Vega raced all day at the Super Chevy show and not one wrench had to be lifted.

The Perfect Reaction Time

This car is fun at the drag strip or at the car show. New owner is very happy.

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