Drag racing parachute and wing plus new Plymouth coupe flooring

The ’68 Camaro And Metal Fabrication

This Stroud Pro Stock parachute just fits under the new wing we made for the 68 Camaro. We have been playing around with the side spill plate size and shape.

sheet metal fabricaiton

The drag racing parachute bag holder had to be removable so that eventually the fiberglass rear bumper could come off.

68 camaro wing and shoot

The rear of the 68 Camaro is starting to fall into place. The rear wing is almost completed. We still need to fab up a wickerbill for the back edge of the wing. We will make two, one standard height and one only 1/4″ high, for low drag.

drag racing camaro wing

The 1936 Plymouth Coupe Restoration Project

We are jumping back on the 36 Plymouth project. We had already made these floor pieces, and just recently welded them into place.


The Plymouth coupe floor is MIG welded solid with the car body. The car body is secured to the chassis with stainless button head allen bolts.  Now with the floor all welded into place – the body has really tightened up.


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