Electrical Wiring — The Right Way

This last season we have wired a few cars in the shop. The ’33 Coupe Pro Street, the 1969 Camaro drag car, 72 Chevy Vega Pro Street, these all have a much more complicated wiring system than this classic ’70 Cuda pictured below. With this classic muscle car we don’t have to worry about; power adders, timers, transbrake, line locks, MSD and retard systems. We anticipate a painless experience.

First, we removed entire old wiring.

wiring the cuda

wiring the cuda

Stock 1970 Cuda Wiring


Don’t be fooled, the stock version of a street car wiring harness — it can get you into more than some can handle. Blending old electric system with a new harness, the wire harness bundle can get extensive and large. Making sure factory switches and gauges work requires serious wire diagram studying.




1936 Plymouth Coupe Wiring

Street car wiring is much more in-depth, with turn signals, horn, headlights, A/C, power windows and locks, power trunk, big stereo, instrument cluster full of gauges etc.  Trying to keep it neat and clean can be a challenge.





No matter what type of car you are wiring  — from pro street to street car — you need to do your homework.

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