Getting up to speed on the Vega Wagon build

The Vega is nearing completion!  The body has been removed for the final time after welding in the firewall.  We have flipped the chassis and air panned it. The passenger side could be aluminum, but we made it steel getting ahead of NHRA tech …. safety first.
1977 vega wagon drag car

To complete the air pan we just have to do under transmission which will be a removable panel.


Lots of TIG welding — with the mid plate installed the firewall is sealed off.

custom vega wagon

The body will receive a little more attention, then be reinstalled on the chassis.

one of a kind vega wagon

Rear sheet metal including wheel tubs are next on the list.

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NHRA 8.50 Certified Vega FOR SALE

Test w/ NEW 427 SBC, 1/8 mile = 5.501 at 126.98 mph

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Over 1200HP, best ET on the car was 6.58sec @ 214MPH.

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