We took the new 1972 chevy vega to Cherokee Raceway in Rogersville on Saturday for the first test.

1972 chevy vega pro street at Cherokee Raceway in Rogersville TN

iCanFab started this 1972 chevy vega project in May of this year. We stripped the entire car down to just a skin and re-built it. This vega weighs in at 2,463 lbs. Since our local racetrack Bristol Dragway is closed for the season, we took a road trip to Cherokee Raceway for some testing and fun.

Since this was the first blast down the track – the first run was to make sure all was working properly. . . all checked out perfect. This vega is a breeze to drive.   After each run the hood came off to insure all was OK – and indeed all was fine.

This chevy vega was built to have fun drag racing, at a reasonable price.

The second run had a hick-up off the line – but no problem.  Again we took the hood off and all looked great no leaks, no issues.  The third run the ET showed even greater improvement.

1972 chevy vega pro street at Cherokee Raceway in Rogersville TN

This first track test proved this 1972 vega is a solid, reliable car – and a breeze at the track. No problems, no fixing, only the dzus tool was used during this track visit. The only complaint was . . . no one brought lawn chairs!

This car is perfect for the racer on a budget. This car is built to be affordable racing and no hassle – with room to grow. Just add pump gas!

affordable and fun at the race track with this 1972 chevy vega

This past vega project is now enjoying Reno!

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