Making This Chevelle Great Again

This Chevelle is going through a transformation – from race car to daily driver.

This 67 Chevelle showed up tubbed and narrowed with a Dana 60 and a reworked frame. Originally we were simply replacing trunk floor and quarter panels.

Below shows the quarter panel and inner and outer wheelhouses and rear lower quarter inner panels that have been completely replaced. chevelle new quarter panels

chevelle restoration

The inner and outer wheelhouses had to be slightly massaged so wheelhouse lines up with quarter panel wheel opening. 67 chevelle inner and outer wheelhouse replaced

Once we dove into this project and saw other issues — then the project blossomed into a complete floor and firewall replacement.

chevelle new floor

Since the car was tubbed and caged, the package tray and support system was gone. So we replaced. chevelle new package tray

Below shows the rear panel under the rear window had been patched with fiberglass and bondo, it had to go! So we installed a new panel, and it looks much better.

chevelle new trunk floor

1967 chevelle restoration

Having the right machinist and metal fabricator with the right tools is important to insure no future leaks, no future rust, no problem. An added bonus when using iCanFab — it also looks great!

Don’t fool yourself, proper metal fabrication matters.

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