Metal Fabrication in Northeast Tennessee

Below are a few fabrication projects using aluminum and steel sheet metal.

The three-piece trans tunnel below is easily removable – yet strong – all Dzus fastened.


The rear wing below is more than just sheet metal fabrication – it is an extension of the Camaro body lines.

custom drag racing spoiler for 68 camaro

metal fabrication and creative vision

The Chevelle below started with a trunk floor change out.

northeast tennessee metal fabrication

The firewall was also a mess so it was changed out.

firewall replaced - metal fabrication

Instead of patching holes from the old roll bar – we decided to change out main floor from front to back. This Chevelle is getting the proper attention it needs to get back on the road, and be enjoyed by all, for many years to come.


We are sheet metal fabricators in northeast Tennessee.

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