Jim Oddy’s Chevy Beretta

Jim Oddy

Jim Oddy’s Chevy Beretta PRO MOD

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Car Description

Jim Oddy Beretta - first ever pro mod

Pro Mod Project

Oddy Chevy Beretta

interior Oddy Chevy Beretta

Jim Oddy Pro Mod Beretta

sheetmetal work on the beretta

jim oddy chevy beretta build

Pro Mod for sale

Oddy Motor

526ci BBC:  MSR Performance built, Donavan Aluminum Block, Never Windowed, Olds Aluminum Heads, BDS 14-17, MSD 44, Aeromotive 17 gallon pump, 2 dyno pulls 18% 25 lbs, 1700 HP, lite tune.

Pro Mod Beretta

This photo of Jim Oddy’s Beretta is from 1989 the early days of PRO MOD. In true Jim Oddy fashion the Beretta was banned shortly after this photo was taken for running a solid rear end.