Did someone mention project cars . . . here is what we have available.

This 1971 Opel 2-door coupe has a full steel body in great shape.

The Opel is called the “poor man’s corvette” this is a cool car in a small package. If you are looking to build a drag racing car or a pro street – this project has many options.

This project pays tribute to the awesome car that the Ford GT40 was.

If you are looking to build a nice looking, fun to drive, and fun to build car … this is it!

We found this certified 2005 GT Avenger it has a complete chassis, fiberglass body with doors and all the accessories. This project is designed for the specific purpose of producing a Vintage 1968 Avenger MK III-C Hardtop vehicle.

What a fun car this will be to drive “normally” around town. . .

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