Proudly Over-Engineered

The 1972 Vega just received it’s NHRA chassis certification to 8.50. The tech inspector comments were the car was built like a 7.50 car.

Vega NHRA certified to 8.50

This Vega can be whatever you want!

This car currently has DOT street tires, runs on pump gas, and has a new JEGS 350 SBC crate engine. This car was built to be an easy to maintain, dependable street car that would be fun at the drag strip. . . And it is.

The NHRA tech who just certified the chassis made it clear, simply add an X to the door bar and the Vega would certify to 7.50. This street car could become a Nasty Mega Vega, if you have the budget. This is the perfect car for a father/son team.

During this recent test and tune, we made 4 runs down the track, and didn’t even get our hands dirty; 8.23, 8.25, 8.29, 8.20

Since this post: During Super Chevy Show on September 19, 2015 we also had great consistency, no troubles, and clean hands. Here are the Vega bracket racing times; 8.26, 8.22, 8.19, 8.17, 8.19


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