High Performance Chassis Suspension And Rear End

This Camaro is another project we have in the shop.

We have been fitting the body and lining up the front fiberglass to the body. It’s all coming together.
pro mod race car builders

Chassis suspension; the photo below shows the upper wishbone has been fabbed up, the Chassis Engineering top gun 4-link bars and rear anti roll bar have been made and installed.

camaro for sale

Below shows the Ford 9 inch housing back braced rear that we built and installed.
rear end for camaro

The rear shock mounts for this drag racing camaro are seen below.
1968 camaro for sale as roller

Below shows the upper mid plate mount and additional bars, plus the new mid plate. We also mounted the brake pedal.
transmission for the camaro project

Finally here we are sizing up the rear quarter panels to re-attach cut out sections.
pro mod camaro for sale

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