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A Chassis Tag And NHRA Certification Are Included

chassis tag

When a chassis is professionally built – you should see the official chassis tag like this S&W race car chassis tag below.

chassis tag

vega hatchback - chassis fabrication completed

under the Vega Hatchback bracket car

Below is the official NHRA 8.50 certification for this car.

8.50 NHRA certified chassis

This is from our custom Vega Hatchback project recently finished.

vega drag race car for sale

Added bonus, this pro street comes with a clean title and is race ready.


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S&W Race Chassis Custom Install

vega hatchback drag car

The laundry list for this Vega pro street build includes; S&W 2″ x 3″ Frame Rails with Ladder Bar Suspension, S&W 12-Point Roll Cage, S&W Round Tube Front Half . . .

S&W 2x3 frame rails

S&W 2 x 3 Frame Rails with Ladder Bar Suspension

S&W Round Tube Front Half

a look under the vega hatchback

S&W 12-Point Roll Cage

Put it all together and now we have a NEW car — ready for final assembly and an NHRA 8.50 Certification.

Pro street vega ready for drag season

Looking for a NEW drag car?


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Puzzle Time

Vega Wagon Chassis Painted.

Firewall and body extensions completed  — can’t wait to see assembled.

Dsuz tabs placed and springs applied. Chassis certification will be no problem.

Our S&W stretched chassis comes with manufacture chassis tags.

Time to get to work and empty the table.

Big engine… Little car…

Transmission and converter are here….

Vega wagon rear complete… Giddy up!