Chassis fabrication project is quickly progressing

The formula for successful chassis fabrication includes proper project management.

Once a vehicle enters the iCanFab shop it is put on a strict schedule of production. To meet these deadlines, resources need to be ordered and a build schedule for all components is created. We do this because our goal is 100% client satisfaction.

1972 CHEVY VEGA UPDATE: The photo below shows the RCI 5-gallon fuel cell has been placed against a rear bulkhead surrounded by 3/4-inch tubing.
iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

Below shows the Aerospace drag race break kit


The FORD 9″ center chunk Aluminum Daytona support and a 1350 U/Joint size.

9 inch rear

4.56 rear end gears

9 inch rear end gears

The below photo shows the chassis and suspension roof bar that was added. This car will handle 1200 horsepower once finished this additional bar was added for strength.

Vega project

iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

Having the proper metal fabrication tools are very important when building a chassis and suspension like this. We need to get each stage of the project done within an specific time range if we are going to stay on schedule and within budget. Efficiency in the shop is very important.

Below you will see tubing outriggers from frame rails to main hoop base.

We modified both left and right sides of our S & W full 2×3 frame.


Below additional sill bar has been added for NHRA compliance.

iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

S & W Race Cars full 2×3 frame

iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

The below photos show the floor X and drive shaft loops. We added the X in the floor base for additional safety.

Chevy Vega project

Vega project

These photos show the S & W Race Cars full 2×3 frame and S & W ladder bars front crossmember with brackets

Vega project

Vega project

Below shows the right front motor plate mount. This drag car will be perfect for engine swaps.  Once finished this radial tire car will be able to handle up to 1200 HP.

Vega project

Below shows the steel dummy block in place.

iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

A doghouse was made since this engine was set back over 4″

iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

It looks like this Vega is ready for a firewall.

iCanFab builds Chevy Vega racer

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