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Bringing back the oldies with metal fabrication

At 79 years old this 5-window coupe needed some “reconstructive surgery” when we first brought it to the shop. Like any good plastic surgeon we followed the natural flow of the curves — to avoid that un-natural forced look. This

1933 Plymouth Coupe in final stages of production

one of a kind plymouth coupe

A sneak peak of the Coupe as we start to put the car back together. This custom 1933 Plymouth 5-window Coupe is not chopped. The body has been channeled 6″ over a Chris Alston double frame rail, round tube, mild

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Custom Fabrication, Mig and Tig Welding

wheelie bar fabrication

All good chassis fabricators knows that making each element look good and fit within the parameters of the project can be challenging. When making any type of custom car parts we search of the optimum setup. We recently made these

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Making Exhaust Headers

custom exhaust
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Metal Fabrication

metal fabrication

The side canards have been tacked in place on this project. Once they are finalized they will mimic the curves of the car. Not only will it look cool – they will help increase the aerodynamics and air flow.

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Metal fabrication and these Plymouth Coupe projects

Plymouth Coupe

Both of the Plymouth Coupe projects are progressing. At iCanFab we have the right tools, and team, to properly execute a custom street car build from scratch.

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Making custom door hinges for the 36 Coupe

door hinges made for coupe

The forward exposed door hinge on the this 1936 Plymouth is not a good design, and nobody sells a door hinge kit for this car. But the car still needs two doors that operate correctly. This photo shows the completed

Metal fabrication, math and creative visualization

Metal Fabrication and the creative vision

Anyone restoring a 1936 Plymouth Coupe can buy a fiberglass fender online. For this coupe that would not be the case. We are lucky enough to have a decent looking metal fender to start with.  We are keeping the steel

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36 Coupe Chassis and Suspension

plymouth coupe

We started this 1936 Plymouth 5-window coupe project about 2 weeks ago. We found ourselves asking . . .What are we going to do with this 36 coupe project? How about make it into a bad ass hot rod. .

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Need a custom rear end housing for your Street Rod?

drag racing rear end

Narrowed up street rod, small banjo, 9″ FORD rear end housing. Below a closeup of Moser engineering housing ends big FORD late. Ready for brackets.  Now on Monday we are ready to back half the 36 Plymouth. If you need

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The 33 Coupe Metal Fabrication and Design

wiring the pro street

The final “hit list” on this 33 Coupe is getting smaller every week. We started this 1933 Plymouth Coupe project 5 months ago — and with steady progress — we are nearing closure. This has been a great project for

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Brake System Components installed on 33 Coupe

wiring and brakes

Just finished installing all the brake components; including the master cylinder, residual valves, line lock, proportioning valve and brake light switch. Click the image to view larger.

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New restoration project arrived last night

plymouth coupe restoration project

Monday we hauled this 36 coupe back from Florida. If you have ever driven I-95, usually – it’s not the “thumbs-up” gesture you see on the roadway. But this trip was a hoot. Seeing all those fellow drivers who appreciate

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In the final stages of this 1933 Plymouth Coupe build

metal fabrication

We are in the final stages of mocking up the car, modifying suicide hidden door hinges, attaching grill shell mounts, radiator mounts, and stretching the hood to fit. Below shows the trans tunnel and drive shaft tunnel are in. We

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Metal fabrication with steel tube and sheet metal

metal fabrication

Just a few months ago — this car was just a shell and a plumb bob. The guys in the garage have done some fantastic metal fabrication. Steel tube, sheet metal and aluminum are are all in play right now.

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Metal Fabrication And The Creative Vision

pro street chassis suspension

There are many factors to consider when building a hot rod or any street car by yourself. First of all, do you have the skills required to build your own car? Secondly, do you have all the tools you will

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Chassis and suspension design for high performance

engine placement

This 1933 Plymouth Coupe project will be a multipurpose Hot Rod once complete. The project photos below document the chassis and suspension fabrication. When finished this Coupe will be a street car.  You will be able to drive this car

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A first look at the 1933 Coupe front end

suspension and chassis fabrication

The Nostalgia Chassis shipment finally arrived. The chassis kit arrived in a few big boxes and included a pair of front frame rails; a pair of rear frame rails; bent 1-5/8″ round main hoop crossmember; upper and lower A-arm mounts;

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33 Coupe after four days of notching pipe

The main cage is done.

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This 1933 Pymouth Coupe is next on the build list.

Building a 33 Plymouth Cuope

Metal fabrication is what we do best. And our new frame JIG table is coming in handy with this project. This coupe is a steel body car and the boys in the shop are all smiles now that they are

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Fabricating exhaust headers for custom cars, race cars, hot rods and more.

custom exahust headers

We build custom headers for all types of vehicles, but these are for the 64 Chevelle race car project.  At our shop – skilled craftsmen fabricate precise fixtures for all sorts of needs on custom vehicles. Exhaust headers are just

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Fabricating precision tools and parts out of metal.

Cutting, bending and welding — it’s all good! As a Journeyman Machinists Erik Skatfeld has been making parts out of metal for years. At iCanFab Erik fabricates custom precision parts from drawings and templates on a manual lathe and mill

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When you own a Street Rod it’s always something.

All over this great country you see alot of really nice classic cars on the road. This 1934 coupe is one of them. This local street rod came in for a few needed upgrades. During the initial inspection we noticed

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Looking forward to a weekend of drag racing at Super Chevy

UPS arrived – and we received important parts to finally start the car. It should be today. As you see below if you are looking for dzus fasteners – you may not find any locally because they are all on

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We will be racing at Bristol’s Super Chevy Show this weekend.

This 72 Vega will be in the DOT (1/4 Mile) Sportsman Class at Bristol Here is an update on our status. Everything is coming together – but it’s crunch time – and we are awaiting final parts to arrive. I

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Getting ready for Super Chevy at Bristol Dragway

The shop is working hard to get this 72 chevy vega ready for the event. The entire chassis is painted and they are starting to put the car back together. We are still awaiting parts – so keep your fingers

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1934 Ford Coupe came to visit the shop

This beauty stopped by the shop this morning for a coffee. It makes us smile when we see Hot Rods like this 34 Ford Coupe on the road. If you see this car driving around the Tri-Cities — give him

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Harry and his Rat Rod came to visit today

Many unique Hot Rods and Rat Rods are being built in this area of the country.  You may have seen this local rat rod the “Venomous Rat” at the local Elizabethton Cruise-n car show.

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Vega sheet metal firewall installed, now moving on to the transmission tunnel

The crew is busy working on the ’72 Vega installing the steel firewall. From poster board to aluminum template to final sheet metal firewall — they make it look as simple as 1, 2, 3. Below are the floor pieces

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The narrowed nine is ready

Another Vega component — off the list. Wildwood disc breaks, freshened the chunk, narrowed the rear, cleaned it up.

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Metal fabrication – another set of custom exhaust headers completed

Yesterday we tacked up a custom set of exhaust headers for our 1972 Chevy Vega project. Looking good!

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This 2×3 full chassis car now has a 14-point roll cage with a front crossmember modification

This chassis goes beyond the basics. We had the room – so we added more down bars going to the right spots on the frame. Now on to sheet metal . . .

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Chassis fabrication project is quickly progressing

The formula for successful chassis fabrication includes proper project management. Once a vehicle enters the iCanFab shop it is put on a strict schedule of production. To meet these deadlines, resources need to be ordered and a build schedule for

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Building an NHRA certified 12-point roll cage with EWS mild-steel tubing

Roll cages work in a variety of car configurations, and play a large roll in a vehicles overall ET. All roll cages require different elements to the cage’s design depending on the type of car. This 1972 Vega had poor

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Chassis and Suspension Fabrication in the Tri-Cities

This Chevy Vega is the perfect size project car, and this chassis fabrication is all coming together very quickly. When this Vega is complete it will give the owner years of good “time-slips” at the dragway. These are some updated

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Vega Bumpers

These bumpers are in great condition. They are front and rear bumpers from a 1977 Vega Wagon. click images to view larger version. Inquire about these bumpers View more parts for sale from this Vega  

The Vega back-halved

After a day of grinding, cutting and fitting – and today this Vega is back-halved. NEXT!

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Cutting, Bending, Welding and Assembling

We make custom exhaust headers. Usually with custom street cars or race cars, off-the-shelf parts just wont fit. The below photo shows a great example — custom headers fixed this racers steering obstruction. The below photos shows a few other

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Achieve success at the dragstrip when your car is built correctly

We put this Chevelle on the lift to show a clear-cut view of how this custom race car was built. This is a X-braced 2×3 car,  with under floor master brake cylinders including residual valves and line lock. Notice the

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Disc Break Assembly

At this custom Rod Shop – we always recommend using the ultimate brakes under the Street Cars we build.

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