Making custom door hinges for the 36 Coupe

The forward exposed door hinge on the this 1936 Plymouth is not a good design, and nobody sells a door hinge kit for this car. But the car still needs two doors that operate correctly. This photo shows the completed upper door hinge we made — that should last forever.
Door hinges made for the 36 Coupe

Plenty of machining time was needed to build these inside upper door hinges. We also had to cut out the nut plate inside the door post because plates were stripped out.
Door hinges made for the 36 Coupe

Driver side bolted up, the hinge pivot points TIG welded, and now the driver door is swinging free and latches up tight.
Door hinges made for the 36 Coupe
DONE. . . driver and passenger hinges built and doors mounted.
Door hinges made for the 36 Coupe

Just another day at iCanFab. . .  doing the impossible. . .  for the unknowing.

Now on to the next project on the list, for this 1936 Plymouth 5-Window Coupe.

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