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Metal fabrication, math and creative visualization

Metal Fabrication and the creative vision

Anyone restoring a 1936 Plymouth Coupe can buy a fiberglass fender online. For this coupe that would not be the case. We are lucky enough to have a decent looking metal fender to start with.  We are keeping the steel fenders and widening them.

This car will run a 275/60-15 tire that will be perfect for this street hot rod.  This tire has a wide profile that will give this ’36 coupe that race ready look — yet it is a DOT tire.

1936 Plymouth Coupe metal fabrication

This car is nearly 80 years old and has been stored for many years inside a storage unit, on a concrete floor. Many classics are not that fortunate. This will help keep the project moving along and within budget.

Hey kids. . . Math is important!

1936 Plymouth Coupe getting a stretch job