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Oddy Motor

For Sale Hat – Pan:

The first is a Jim Oddy Combo 526ci BBC;  MSR Performance built, Donavan Aluminum Block, Never Windowed, Olds Aluminum Heads, BDS 14-17, MSD 44, Aeromotive 17 gallon pump, ODDY’S History,  2 dyno pulls 18% 25 lbs, 1700 HP, lite tune.

Fresh, only 2 pulls on Janis Dyno.

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Fuel Tanks, Dry Sump Oil Tanks, Custom Metal Fabrication

fuel tank and oil tank custom

Our Oddy Beretta project would not accept the standard oil tank available. . . so we built a custom one. Since the fuel tank has to match the oil tank. . .  we built that too.

Below is the beginning stages of an S&W Nostalgia Funny Car.

Setting up the car and following the blueprint.

We received some valuable tech support from Mike at S&W Race Cars.

Jim Oddy Beretta FOR SALE

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Jim Oddy, his Chevy Beretta and Drag Racing Hall of Fame

Jim Oddy Beretta - first ever pro mod

The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame honored its 2018 inductees in Gainesville, Fla., adding Jim Oddy to its roll call of honorees. In honor of this great accolade we would like to share a few photos from the early days of PRO MOD and one of the first cars that helped start the PRO MOD craze.

Jim Oddy is known for pushing the limits of his drag cars.

In true Jim Oddy fashion the Beretta was banned shortly after this photo was taken for running a solid rear end. These photos are from 1989 the early days of PRO MOD.


Don Bouma raced the same stretched blown Chevy Beretta out of Canada.


Now the same Beretta is on our jig table – ready to live another day.


Pro Mod for sale



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NMCA racing and Jim Oddys’ Dodge Stratus Pro Mod

Jim Oddy and the Dodge StratusDuring our race season with Jim Oddy and the Dodge Stratus – we achieved a top speed record in NMCA in Memphis. As a result of the good showing in Memphis, our race team announce their invitation to compete in the Jegs-sponsored NHRA Gator Nationals that year.

This team not only had Jim Oddy and his son Dave to learn from, but we also had veteran racer Phil Roberts as a race consultant. Roberts’ expertise and experience date back to nitro funny car in the 1960’s. Bill Leverentz also joined the team and brought his 26 years of engines building experience – Billy was an employee of Oddy’s Automotive for years before he bought the business.

The video at the bottom of the page  was shot by SPEED TV of our team during a NOPI event at ATCO Raceway in New Jersey. The audio is out of sink – but it was a fun.

 Jim Oddy ’06 Dodge Stratus

  • Jim Oddy 2006 Dodge StratusPower Source: 526-cubic inch Hemi Supercharged
  • Fastest Run: 6.381 @ 228.93 mph , Bradenton, Florida, NMCA Nationals 2900 lbs.
  • Quickest Run: 6.360 @ 228.00 mph, Atco, NJ, NOPI Nationals 2900 lbs.
  • Top Speed Record: 226.62 mph, NMCA – NATIONAL RECORD, Memphis, TN



NMCA racing and Jim Oddy

promod racing

NMCA racing and Jim Oddy

NMCA racing and Jim Oddy

NMCA racing and Jim Oddy

NMCA racing and Jim Oddy

Is it a stock car? No its a drag racer . . .

Below George Landis shows his driving skill at the Gator Nationals that year. Not many drivers could control this from rolling – but George did. And the crowd goes crazy!

Is it a stock car?