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One of the cars that started PRO MOD racing.

Jim Oddy Combo 526ci BBC or Mike Janis Built 500ci BBC

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Metal fabrication. . . Chassis fabrication is all in a days work. The project car below would not accept the standard oil tank available. . . so we built a custom one. Since the fuel tank has to match the …

Fuel Tanks, Dry Sump Oil Tanks, We Make It All. . . Read More »

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The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame honored its 2018 inductees in Gainesville, Fla., adding Jim Oddy to its roll call of honorees. In honor of this great accolade we would like to share a few photos from the early …

Jim Oddy, his Chevy Beretta and Drag Racing Hall of Fame Read More »

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During our race season with Jim Oddy and the Dodge Stratus – we achieved a top speed record in NMCA in Memphis. As a result of the good showing in Memphis, our race team announce their invitation to compete in …

NMCA racing and Jim Oddys’ Dodge Stratus Pro Mod Read More »

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