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Chassis and suspension design for high performance

engine placement

This 1933 Plymouth Coupe project will be a multipurpose Hot Rod once complete.

The project photos below document the chassis and suspension fabrication. When finished this Coupe will be a street car.  You will be able to drive this car on the street. Plus when you feel like it . . . you can drive the car to the race track and make a few passes if you feel the need!

Engine placement is critical. Weight, balance, and the center of gravity  — these are all important factors to consider.

engine placement

The photo below shows the Floor X and drive shaft loops.


The photo below shows us sizing up a tire.


The photo below shows — we have room for Zomie exhaust.


Bracing is important also making it NHRA legal, as seen in the below photos.





Almost done adding tubing, just a few more pieces. See kids math does matter! Pay attention in school and you too can become a mechanic, fabricator and all-around Hot Rodder!