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This is a “Race Ready Car”

bracket race car for sale

ICanFab has completed the final shakedown tests for this new race car built for bracket racing.

This is a full chassis car, a 1977 Chevy Vega Hatchback with a 427 SBC. The race car includes an NHRA 8.50 chassis certification, a clean title, with working tail lights and headlights.

No expense has been spared in the parts used to build this race car. This Chevy Vega will absolutely benefit the driver that is ready to perfect their reaction time and win.

This car is well sorted and ready to race.

bracket race car for sale

1/8 = 6.621 at 107.85MPH
1/8 = 6.622 at 108.03MPH

1/8 = 5.494 at 128.37MPH
1/8 = 5.501 at 126.98MPH

Start Drag Racing This Weekend!

new bracket car

vega race car for sale


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A Chassis Tag And NHRA Certification Are Included

chassis tag

When a chassis is professionally built – you should see the official chassis tag like this S&W race car chassis tag below.

chassis tag

vega hatchback - chassis fabrication completed

under the Vega Hatchback bracket car

Below is the official NHRA 8.50 certification for this car.

8.50 NHRA certified chassis

This is from our custom Vega Hatchback project recently finished.

vega drag race car for sale

Added bonus, this pro street comes with a clean title and is race ready.


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This car is race ready . . . and brand spanking new

Vega hatchback new drag racer for sale

Are you in the market for a new race car?

This Vega is a great value.  It’s brand new, only a few test hits down the track.

  • 12-Point Roll Cage NHRA 8.50 Certification
  • Car weight =2184 lbs. (no driver, race ready)

1/8 = 5.501 at 126.98 MPH
1/8 = 5.494 at 128.37 MPH

1/8 = 6.621 at 107.85 MPH
1/8 = 6.622 at 108.03 MPH


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Become A Winning Bracket Racer

Bracket racing

I remember the days when quarter-mile heads up drag racing was the norm at every drag strip. Both cars leave the starting line and the crowd goes crazy.

Today bracket racing is by far the most popular form of drag racing.  Bracket racing series are coast-to-coast and basically for every level of drag racing car and driver. Since faster cars are handicapped it does train drivers to be patient and wait for the green. Drag racing is about winning!  Whichever you choose heads up or bracket racing— the driver with the most consistent car is usually the points leader.

Did you know a successful bracket racer makes more laps per month than many pro mod racers do in a year. . .

Bracket racing

Drag racing is a great family sport.  When the whole family enjoys drag racing – bracket racing becomes a great summer vacation. An added bonus . . .  if you have a consistent car and good reaction time – you can make money.

When your kids have out grown Jr. Dragster — then what?  The answer is bracket racing.

If you enjoy making laps down the track – and you have a good reaction time – bracket racing is for you. Bracket racing builds the finer skills of drag racing  . .  . like doing burnouts and staging.

This new SBC bracket car runs 6.60 in 1/8th mile all day long. The time slips below are from naturally aspirated runs.

77 Vega Hatchback naturally aspirated

If you need more speed for a grudge match – simply turn on the NOS. The videos and time slips below are with NOS.

This new 1977 Vega Hatchback has been built for 1/8 mile bracket racing. It has a simple setup with a 427 SBC and weighs in at 2184 lbs. race ready with no driver. This Is A New Bracket Car.

Are you are looking for a new bracket car?


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This 427 SBC Vega Makes A Second Visit To Bristol Dragway

vega hatchback on test day - with NOS

Yesterday some local racers invited us to test at the track.  The finish line shows the time of the 1/4 mile pass. We are testing for 1/8 mile. The is the drivers view from the NOS pass.

Same pass, driver lifts at the 1/8 mile.

This is the time slip for the NOS pass. This NEW car has been built for bracket racing 1/8 mile all day long with a 427 SBC.  

Hatchback second track test NOS hit

Below are time slips for the other two runs made Naturally Aspirated.

77 Vega Hatchback naturally aspirated

This New bracket car will bring years of enjoyment and winning to the owner.


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1977 Vega Hatchback – quick look around video

pro street vega for sale

pro street vega for sale

Pro Street Vega Specs:

  • The car weight is 2150 lbs. (no driver)
  • VIN # and Title comes with car
  • Glastek fiberglass doors, 4″ cowl hood rear bumper, Fiberglas Unlimited front and S&W 2 x3 frame rails, ladder bar suspension, round tube front half with Strange Engineering Struts with Heavy Duty Brakes
  • Narrowed and back braced 9″ Ford housing, 35 Spline Moser Axles Gun-Drilled and Lightened Flange. Center Section has 4:30 Gear Lightened Moser Aluminum Thru-BOLT Case.
  • ATI Powerglide Transmission
  • NOS Big Shot System
  • Ladder bar suspension with QA1 Coilovers
  • Anti Roll
  • Front fuel system with 4-gallon cell
  • Quick Fuel 427 high-output fuel pump
  • MSD 7 AL-3 Ignition
  • 2″ Stahl pattern side exit headers
  • Autometer gauges, tachometer and shift light
  • All Lexan Windows
  • Single wheel wheelie bar
  • Weld Alumaster wheels MT 17.50 x 31 ET Streets, and Moroso DS 2 front runners 26″
  • Steel roof and quarters
  • Aluminum tin work includes tubs, all removable on DZUS fastners.
  •  427 Small Block Chevy
  • New DART SHP Block
  • New DART Pro 1 Heads
  • New Liberty Crank and Rods
  • New Mahle 10 to 1 Forged Pistons
  • New Roller Camshaft Lift .683
  • New Moroso Oil Pan
  • New Comp Cams Belt Drive System
  • New ATI Balancer
  • New Comp Roller Rockers and Dart Stud Girdle
  • New Comp Roller Lifters
  • New Brodix Intake
  • New AED 950 CFM HO Modified Carburetor
  • NOS Big Shot Plate System
  • 8.50 NHRA Certified

cars for sale


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S&W Race Chassis Custom Install

vega hatchback drag car

The laundry list for this Vega pro street build includes; S&W 2″ x 3″ Frame Rails with Ladder Bar Suspension, S&W 12-Point Roll Cage, S&W Round Tube Front Half . . .

S&W 2x3 frame rails

S&W 2 x 3 Frame Rails with Ladder Bar Suspension

S&W Round Tube Front Half

a look under the vega hatchback

S&W 12-Point Roll Cage

Put it all together and now we have a NEW car — ready for final assembly and an NHRA 8.50 Certification.

Pro street vega ready for drag season

Looking for a NEW drag car?


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Building and Assembling the 77 Vega Hatchback

99 Vega Hatchback Rearend

Rear End Housing Made And Gear Assembled In-House

  • Custom Made 9″ Housing, Back Braced and Narrowed
  • 35 Spline Gun Drilled and Flange Lightened Moser Axles
  • 5/8 Wheel Studs
  • Moser Through-Bolt Aluminum Case 3.250 Bearing
  • 10 Bolt Moser Pinion Support
  • 1350 Moser Yoke
  • 4.29 Gear That Has Been Lightened
  • Wilwood 4 Piston Disk Brakes

Another Component Completed And Ready To Install . . .

99 Vega Hatchback Rearend


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More progress on the Pro Street Vega Hatchback

Making tubs for vega hatchback

Once this Vega is finished it will be streetable. You will be able to legally drive it on the road. Take it to the local car show – or out for ice cream. But don’t fool yourself – this Vega is being built for drag racing.

Vega drag racing car for sale

Preparing to start the tubs this next week.

Making tubs for vega hatchback

We are trying something different with this spoiler. The trunk opens and the spoiler doesn’t move.

You will notice no funny car cage around the driver. This makes it easier to drive on the street. As is, this car will certify NHRA 8.50.


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Mocking Up The Vega Hatchback

Now that the Vega is off the chassis table – it’s time to mock-up everything.

Below we installed an S&W ladder bar kit, and a HUGE S&W diagonal link at 1.25 x .095.

Below the back braced 9″ just needs wheelie bar tabs.

Installing brake system lines and residual valves. . .

We installed the brake system under driver seat — keeping it neat.

Just built these 2” primaries with 3 1/2″ slip on collectors.

Headers are side fender exit.

side exit headers

See you in the Spring.

Vega hatchback bracket car


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On The Centerline With The Vega Hatchback

1977 Vega Hatchback

Making progress with the 77 Vega Hatchback project.  The rear end housing has been hung on the centerline. . .

Anti roll has been tacked up…

Now  . . . add a few gussets to the shock bar, add an X from the main hoop, and do some final – final checks and weld it up.

We use a small banjo 9″ Ford housing on cars with narrow frame rails.

S&W frame rails for a Vega were used – they are designed to fit under the stock floor. As you can see – nothing stock about this Vega.

Are you looking for a new drag racing door car?


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1977 Vega Hatchback Project Update

The fiberglass was hung on the chassis with care. . .

Doors hung, swinging and latched.

The frontend tree has been built with custom receiver brackets made and applied.

The rear of the front end, lower and upper mounts, and firewall completed in steel.

Seat mounts, master cylinder and the brake pedal are mocked up. The steering column and all electrical have been laid out.

Quarter stretch completed and everything is ready for the body man.

Inside the Stretch

Looking forward to rear end housing and the rest of the rear suspension.

Make this YOUR drag car, and contact us today!


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Next car on the jig table is this 1977 Vega Hatchback

First step,  removed the Vega skin from our rust free donor and centered it on the jig table. The ride height was established, next we will start laying in frame rails.

This shows the main hoop, front down bars, dash bar, ear down bars, build perimeter.

This bracket car has a small block with a Powerglide combination and a strut front end.

Seen here — we are going from 2×3 S&W frame rails in back to a round bar front.

We use a small banjo Ford 9″ housing in these small cars.

Moving forward.

This is a mild steel car and will certify NHRA 8.50 as a Bracket Racer.

The mid-plate area is very important.


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New Build: Vega Hatchback

Another rust-free body fresh out of storage — today it met the plasma cutter and we separated the shell from the complete car.

Rough cuts to release from the donor car, still alot more surgical trimming to come.

On to the chassis table, ready to start laying pipe.

If you would like to make this YOUR drag car contact us today!

The Carnage.